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The Temporary Registration Advisor works in direct relationship with the students, advising them in their course selection, making
educational plans, and assisting them in the potential career and transfer possibilities while in the community college setting.


A.  The Temporary Registration Advisor reports directly and is responsible to the
Manager of Retention and Registration.

B.  This position does not require the supervision of other staff.

C.  The Temporary
Registration Advisor coordinates most closely with students, retention specialists, retention and registration assistants, college faculty
and staff to include Financial Aid and Records, Admissions and Enrollment Management, Disability Support Services, TRiO, Developmental
Education, and the Testing Center. 



A.  Provides academic
advisement for both new and returning students, which includes the ability to:

1.  Interpret SAT, ACT, and Hagerstown Community
College placement test results.

2.  Interpret courses, grades, and codes listed on high school and college transcripts.

 Explain information in the college catalog regarding degree, certificate, and letter of recognition program requirements.

 Explain college policies and procedures to students based on individual needs.

5.  Assist students in scheduling courses.

 Assists students in understanding the transfer process by providing accurate information about application deadlines and procedures, course
transferability, and contact information.

7.  Assist students in career planning and development.

8.  Assist students in the
use of online academic advising resources, including Web Advisor and Self-Service.

9.  Refer students to appropriate offices and
faculty advisors on campus.

10.  Explain financial aid rules and regulations.

B.  Assist students with registration questions
and with navigating Self-Service’s registration functions, as needed, in the scheduling lab.

C.  Helps students to understand their
aptitudes, capabilities, and limitations in making personal decisions, educational plans, and career choices.

D.  Performs other
duties as assigned.

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