Full-Time International Student Admissions Counselor and Advisor

The following statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed. They are not intended to be
construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills required of personnel so classified

I) Summary of Responsibilities: The International Admissions Counselor and Advisor (IACA) supports the
enrollment management strategies of the College by recruiting international students through the development and implementation of
recruitment plans for international markets. In addition, the IACA will mentor these students so that they are supported and retained and
assist them in maintaining non-immigrant status.

II) Essential Responsibilities: (These essential
responsibilities are those the individual must be able to perform unaided or with the assistance of reasonable accommodation.)

A. Meet Recruitment Targets

1. Recruit targeted prospective students including international
(F-1) students as well as Missionary Kids (MKs) and American students living abroad. The annual recruiting goal is fifteen (15)
new-to-Geneva international (F-1) students to enroll in the traditional undergraduate program each academic year.

2. Retain
international students. The retention goal is that 80% of first year international students will enroll for a second year of study.

3. Continuation of this position is dependent on attaining recruitment and retention targets. 

Prospect Management

1. Develop and maintain contacts among secondary schools, colleges, alumni, churches,
and overseas advising centers.

2. Advertise and market to targeted prospective students and families using a variety of media and
work with the Director of Crossroads, the Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing, and the Director of Marketing and Public Relations to
consider opportunities for advertising. Keep the webpages related to the College’s global initiatives updated.

3. Assist with
planning and implementation of on-campus events that relate to the College’s global interests.

Administration and Communication

1. Maintain continual communication with prospective students throughout
the recruitment cycle, to the point of their enrollment at the College.

2. Regularly communicate with the Admissions Office and
attend the weekly admissions counselor’s meeting.

3. Maintain communication, record-keeping, and run reports relating to
recruitment, marketing, and retention efforts as requested by the Director of Crossroads as well as other campus leaders.

Coordinate and evaluate all required admission credentials relevant to the admission application and evaluate the students’
applications, making recommendations regarding admission to the College.

5. Assist with Crossroads office coverage as needed.

6. Participate in monthly Crossroads staff meetings.

D. Advising

1. Orientation

Communicate with and coordinate services for incoming international students.

b. Explain College and federal policies and

c. Provide support for adjustment to American and academic culture.

2. Advocacy

a. Be an advocate for
international students on campus.

b. Act as a liaison for the College’s global student population to faculty, staff, and other

c. Facilitate the acquisition of language assistance.

3. Regulatory Oversight

a. Serve as one of the
College’s Designated School Officials (DSO).

b. Help ensure that students maintain legal status.

4. International Club

a. Organize and assist with socials and events for global students.

III) Exhibits behavior
that is consistent with and supportive of Geneva’s mission, vision, core values and standards of conduct:

Geneva Mission Statement: Geneva College is a Christ-centered academic community that provides a comprehensive
education to equip students for faithful and fruitful service to God and neighbor.

B. Vision Statement:
Geneva College will inspire students to integrate faith in Christ into all aspects of life in the real world, and to serve
faithfully within their callings for Christ and Country.

C. Core Values:

1) Serve with

2) Pursue Godly wisdom

3) Foster academic strength

4) Engage culture faithfully

5) Inspire vibrant

6) Honor one another

D. Standards of Conduct: Employees of Geneva College will
affirm upon hire, and annually thereafter, their promise to abide by the College’s Standard of Conduct Policy. All employees must
conduct their personal affairs so there can be no opportunity for unfavorable reflections upon the Christian beliefs and mission of the
College, either expressed or implied. It is expected that employees will conduct themselves in a manner consistent with biblical standards,
values, and character. These standards of personal conduct do not apply to family members and/or friends of the employee.

Job Requirements – Administrative

  1. General:  Individuals must possess the
    knowledge, skills, and abilities listed or are able to explain and demonstrate that they can perform the essential responsibilities of the
    job, with or without reasonable accommodations in order to safely perform the essential responsibilities of the job.
  2. Physical: Must be able to perform the following: talking, hearing, and seeing. Must have sufficient manual dexterity to
    be able to operate all office equipment including, but not limited to: computers, fax machines, copy machines, modems, and telephones.
  3. Confidentiality: Individuals must recognize that management of data, including personal information, grades, budgets,
    programs and policies is necessary to the operation of the College. Such information must be kept private and confidential for the
    protection of the College and to obey Federal and/or State laws. Should there be doubt as to whether a certain matter is to be protected, it
    should be discussed with your supervisor before making a disclosure.
  4. Mental: Must be able to reason, analyze,
    prioritize, conceptualize, make judgments, and solve problems.

V) Qualifications

A. Minimum:

1. Education/Certification: Bachelor’s Degree in a related field.

Experience: One year experience working with international students.

3. Skills/Abilities:

a) Knowledge of college level
policies and procedures.

b) Effectively communicate the value of a Christian liberal arts education.

c) Work effectively under
the pressure of deadlines.

d) Citizen of the U.S. or lawful permanent resident (necessary to meet federal requirements to serve as a
Designated School Official).

e) Availability and willingness to work evenings and weekends and travel abroad as needed.

Knowledge of foreign educational systems.

g) Self-motivated to set and attain goals.

h) Demonstrate high level of customer
service, attention to detail, and organizational and problem-solving ability.

i) Ability to write and communicate clearly and present
information effectively.

j) Proficiency with Microsoft Office products.

k) Experience using social media effectively.

2. Christian Commitment: eligible candidates must be a thoughtful and articulate Christian and an active member of a Protestant
evangelical Christian church. Preference will be given to candidates who support and have an articulate understanding of the Reformed faith.
The individual must understand and support the College’s “Foundational Concepts of Christian Education” by expressing an
evangelical Christian profession of faith and demonstrate the ability to integrate a Christian perspective in their work. 

B. Preferred:

1. Education/Certification: Master’s Degree in a related field.

Experience: One semester or more living abroad and more than two years working with global students

3. Skill/Abilities: Second
language (Asian languages preferred).

4. Experience using social media for marketing and public relations.

5. Experience with
recruitment management software.

6. Admissions, recruitment, or sales experience.

Geneva College does not discriminate against applicants on the basis of race, color, gender, handicap, or national or ethnic origin in the selection of employees.

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