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If faculty, tenure track status: Not Applicable

Reports to (title): Assistant Director 2, Academic Advising

Department: Academic Advising (SME & SBS)

Requisition Number: 21072

Position Type: Replacement

Starting Salary: $46,102

Open Until Filled: Yes

Priority Review Date: 08/31/2021

Job Summary

The purpose of Academic Advising is to help students identify their educational and career goals, advise students about their pathway of study, and work with students to create academic plans that lead to successful completion.  

Academic Advisors are members of an integrated College team providing individual academic, career and related support to an assigned group of college students as they progress through their programs. Pathway advisors provide support and guidance to their caseload to ensure students have the best opportunity to achieve their educational goals.  

Academic Advisors for a pathway do the following: 

  • Assist students in identifying career and educational paths related to their pathway or program of study. 
  • Deliver one-on-one comprehensive and group advisement support services to an assigned group of students through degree completion and a range of academic counseling and support strategies. 
  • Teach students about college degree requirements and how to understand and follow graduation maps, interpret a degree evaluation/audit, and develop a responsible approach to academic planning. 
  • Be knowledgeable of pathway-specific programs at the college and related transfer options; maintain awareness of and communicate program changes to students. 
  • Refer students co-curricular options to enhance their college experience such as Student Life and Leadership organizations, study abroad, service learning, research, and internships that align with academic and career goals. 
  • Track the engagement and progression of students to ensure they reach key benchmarks throughout their academic program. 
  • Work collaboratively with assigned academic areas to review curriculum and create graduation maps with the intent of increasing student completion in a timely manner. 
  • Assist the Director in establishing student learning objectives related to the work of the department and your academic pathway, intervene with students to produce intended outcomes and participate in assessment and evaluation. 
  • Mentor and train advisors in the same academic pathway area. 
  • Acts as a liaison to other departments in Student and Academic Affairs. 

Regular activities require ability to quickly change priorities which may include and/or are subject to resolution of conflicts. Ability to clearly communicate both verbally and in writing is essential. Frequent travel may be necessary. This position receives a regular review of objectives. Occasional evenings and weekends are expected and required.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties

 Developmental Advising  

Manage a caseload of students from a designated academic pathway. Advise and assist students in becoming aware of their values, interest, abilities, and clarifying their academic and career goals. Assess student strengths and weaknesses in academic, career, and personal development by identifying factors that enhance or prevent academic progress, examine alternatives based on changing goals, academic progress or personal situation, and interpret non-cognitive assessment results to guide student to establish realistic academic and career goals including transfer or employment strategy and developing an individualized academic plan. Actively teach students about the SLCC website, student portal, and self-advising tools with the purpose of developing their self-sufficiency in college transactions.  

Maintain regular contact with the students and monitor their academic progress utilizing advising technologies such as Banner and Starfish. Monitor academic progress of student by responding to early alerts raised by instructors, determining eligibility and satisfactory progress towards completion, identifying current and potential needs and problem areas; such as, study skills and tutoring, and helping students access college resources including navigating the student portal.  

Specialize in providing advising and/or programming for a College pathway (e.g., liaison to academic program, faculty training, academic standards and/or financial aid appeals.)  

Advise and assist students in understanding the requirements for pathway-specific SLCC Degree, diploma, certificate and completion programs. Teach students to develop academic timelines, explore course work, sequence and select courses and develop class schedules. Advise students in understanding transfer programs to four-year institutions and planning efficient transfer.  

Assist with identification and retention efforts for students in assigned programs at SLCC. Develop academic plans with students to improve their academic standing when they have been identified as having academic difficulty and provide coaching support on an ongoing basis. Make referrals to campus and community resources.  

Confirms accurate transfer information for SLCC’s transfer courses and programs. Acts as transfer liaison to other colleges and universities as well as statewide committees.

Supervision and Training    

Confer with supervisor on unusual matters.    

Coordinate or lead specific departmental functions or projects, may include assignment of work to and mentoring less experienced professionals or para-professionals (part-time/work-study). May act in an advisory capacity to managers, directors, or faculty. Stand in for Assistant
 Director when needed in related inter-campus/institutional committees (e.g., General Education/Senate Curriculum Committees and sub-committees including AIC).    

Lead, organize and initiate training, continuous development of case management process/format, update forms, conduct monthly Pathway Advisor meetings, and manage departmental fileshares and website.    

Represent the department at state-wide major meetings and reports changes to the department.

Collaboration with Academic Affairs    

Work closely with academic administrators and faculty to evaluate the clarity, cohesion, and learning destination for each of their program areas. Assist with reviewing curriculum that supports and integrates college-wide developmental advising efforts. Work closely with academic departments, other offices and/or institutions to maintain accurate information about programs and requirements and update student-facing advising materials accordingly. Participate in program advising review (AIC) and required meetings (e.g., Staff, PAC, curriculum, major (at state level), and relevant program departmental meetings).    

Assist in compilation of program-related information, data, assessments and/or writing reports. Share this information with Academic and Student Services stakeholders. Participate in designated recruitment and retention activities as related to assigned programs. Participate in program specific transfer events.

Career Advising    

Assist students to utilize career assessments, both paid and free, and other resources to becoming aware of their values, interests, abilities, and clarify their academic and career goals.

Evaluation and Assessment    

Assist with creating and evaluating assessment instruments to measure specific department programs and procedures in order to inform decisions that affect student learning and success. Review and utilize available data about students’ academic and educational needs, performance, aspirations, and problems. 
Other duties as assigned. 

Preferred Qualifications

Master’s degree in psychology, counseling, education or other discipline deemed relevant by the college  

Two (2) or more years of experience in student academic advisement and/or enrollment services at a higher education institution  

Experience in a higher education setting  

Experience in case management and/or territory management  

Experience interpreting degree requirements, articulation agreements, and curriculum processes

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree in appropriate discipline  

Four (4) to Six (6) years of direct full-time related work experience

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Advocate for all students.  

Establish a rapport with students and interact with family members.  

Abide by the ethical standards and guidelines for academic advising, including working ethically with confidential information.  

Knowledge and understanding of Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) organization, goals, and objectives  

Knowledge of SLCC policies and procedures. Interpret and explain college policies and procedures, including the Student Code of Conduct.  

Knowledge of SLCC schools and departments. Knowledge of college enrollment procedures, college resources, and services (e.g. Registration, Financial Aid, Learning Resources).  

Apply commonsense understanding to carry out instructions furnished in written, oral, or diagram form.  

Demonstrate the aptitude to learn new systems and process quickly, as needed.  

Demonstrate evaluation, originality, initiative, ingenuity, creativity, teamwork towards conflict resolution, and decision-making.  

Knowledge and understanding of diverse student needs and challenges and demonstrate sensitivity and excellent interpersonal skills to work and interact with students, staff and faculty from diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, ethnic backgrounds, including differently-abled and LGBTQ students.  

Communicate effectively and appropriately, both verbally and in writing with a broad range of people with diverse abilities, cultures, and ethnic backgrounds. Prepare business correspondence and advising materials for print and digital media.  

Knowledge of developmental academic advising theory including current advising literature and practices. Train others in academic/career advising techniques and pathway and program information.  

Knowledge and understanding of student development theory and practices as it relates to advising students experiencing academic difficulties. Apply student development and career development theories to help students develop habits, behaviors, and mindsets necessary for success in a college and career environment.  

Knowledge of programs of study, including general education requirements and pre-requisites for all academic pathways.  

Knowledge of degree and certificate options within an academic pathway and completion requirements.  

Organize, retrieve, manage, and present large amounts of informational details about college and pathway programs, policies, and procedures including changes and revisions in requirements on an ongoing basis.  

Knowledge of workforce education trends, occupations, and career options as related to an academic pathway. Assist students in interpreting academic progress toward a degree or certificate and resolving academic issues.  

Manage a caseload of students within an academic pathway through in-person, phone, and electronic correspondence.  

Use effective project management to prioritize assignments in order to plan and carry out objectives and provide advisement to assigned students in a timely manner.  

Develop and implement programs related to student learning outcomes for pathway responsibility.  

Analyze data to generate written reports regarding student caseload progress as requested and contribute to development of departmental assessment reports.  

Work both independently and/or with a complex-structured team within the department and with faculty and other administrators. Maintain good working relationships across the college.  

Plan, schedule and monitor work activities of pathways advisors in order to meet time and quality targets.  

Exercise judgment within generally defined practices and policies to complete routine work and achieve departmental and individual goals.  

Develop and evaluate assessments to measure learning outcomes and advising case load as it affects student success.  

Knowledge of social and educational resources and services in the community.  

Knowledge and understanding of educational and placement processes and interpretation practices. (e.g. TOEFL, LOEP, ACT/SAT, CASAS, Accuplacer, CLEP, TABE, etc.)  

Demonstrate professionalism and represent the office during campus and community events.  

Computer literacy  

Ability to communicate effectively with a broad range of diverse people, ability, culture, ethnic background, to maintain good working relationships across the College.  

Ability to work with all groups in a diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural and ethnic background of community college students, faculty and staff, including those with disabilities.

Special Instructions

Full consideration will be given to applicants who apply on or before the priority review date indicated above.

More information about Salt Lake Community College benefits:

Please indicate on your resume if your work experience is full time or part time.

Successful completion of a criminal background check may be required for this position.

FLSA: Exempt

SLCC Information

Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) is fully committed to policies of equal employment and nondiscrimination. The College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, disability, religion, protected veteran status, expression of political or personal beliefs outside of the workplace, or any other status protected under applicable federal, state, or local law.  

SLCC is a participating employer with Utah Retirement Systems (“URS”).  

This position may require the successful completion of a criminal background check.

Salt Lake Community College is an equal opportunity institution providing education and employment opportunities without regard to race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, disability, age and/or veteran status.

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