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Academic advising at New Mexico Tech is a developmental process that considers students’ academic needs, goals, interests and prior
education. Academic advisors promote student success and increase student enrollment and retention by promoting programs, referring students
at risk or in need of additional resources with the primary objective to assist with making informed decisions concerning their educational

  • Assists students in the development of an educational plan including choosing a program of study and/or clarifying
    educational goals from matriculation through registration for their junior year.
  • Advises students about content and structure of
    postsecondary programs including graduation, dual credits and/or transfer requirements for a particular program of study.
  • Educates
    students about course planning and registration processes, refers to available on and off-campus resources to meet individual needs
    including career and personal counseling.
  • Audits, monitors, and evaluates individual student academic progress.
  • Informs
    students about alternatives, limitations and possible consequences of academic decisions (e.g. adding, dropping and withdrawing from
    courses; change of program, major and/or transfer institution)
  • Interprets testing results relevant to placement decisions;
    determines student readiness for College programs.
  • Disseminates certificate, diploma and university transfer program information to
    all learners and other appropriate internal and external contacts in individual or group sessions.
  • Makes appropriate referrals to
    students perceived as at-risk, acts as an advocate as appropriate.
  • Maintains up-to-date knowledge about the College’s
    programs and requirements; consults with contacts at various transfer institutions regarding course and program transferability, admission
    and graduation requirements.
  • Develops and interprets Academic Planning Guides; maintains administrative and program information
  • Develops and maintains operating procedures that minimize the likelihood and impact of errors.
  • Reviews and
    processes Veterans educational Benefits
  • Participates in on and off campus events promoting New Mexico Tech, assists with
    orientation programs.
  • Maintains administrative documents and confidential student records.
  • Develops and promotes internal
    communication and resource sharing in order to benefit student success.
  • Monitors course enrollment and make recommendations to
    appropriate staff regarding reserves, restrictions, availability, wait listing, or closure based on program demand and course
  • Monitors appropriate software for early alert.
  • Serves on the Academic Retention Committee and Academic
    Standings Committees and may represent the Registrar’s Office on various internal and external committees.
  • Provides
    recommendations for continuous improvement to all services for academic advising purposes and to integrate practices and technology aimed at
    improving student service
  • Gathers, develops and promotes best practices for continuous improvement
  • Participates in
    individual and team professional development, remains current with technology used to provide advising services.
  • Performs other
    related duties as assigned.

SUPERVISION  Works under the general
supervision of the Registrar.

ATTENDANCE  Individuals in this position are
expected to be available during the normal business hours of the college, and occasionally on evenings and weekends for special
presentations and events.

WORKING CONDITIONS – Conditions are those of a typical office environment,
requiring frequent oral communication with students and colleagues, the ability to enter data and written communications in electronic
format in a timely manner, and sufficient mobility to be present and address students, their parents, and fellow professionals at
appropriate college and regional functions.


  • Bachelor’s degree in the
    humanities or a related field.
  • Two to three years of experience in academic advising or related careers in post-secondary
    education, or a combination of education and experience commensurate with the requirements of the position
  • Ability to learn and use
    complex computer-based systems and multi-faceted network-related software and database management systems.
  • Demonstrated
    interpersonal communication skills.
  • Ability to effectively analyze ambiguous information and respond appropriately
  • Experience in group presentations.
  • Ability to process and maintain highly confidential information.
  • Ability to work
    effectively with individuals of varying backgrounds, abilities, outlooks, ages, and nationalities

  Analysis, judgment, planning and organizing, negotiation, persuasiveness,
sensitivity, attention to detail, dependability, commitment to the college, work standards, initiative, oral and written communications,
knowledge of work, teamwork, technical/professional self-development, stress tolerance, self-reliance

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